Our Garden

Behind our B&B you’ll find our garden.

A large vegetable garden, an orchard and many places to relax.

Located less than one kilometer from the coast, it’s the ideal place for cultivate everything a gardener dream of !

First, gardening came to us for vegetables produce and food. Then, came naturally seasons after seasons, time saving, gesture economy and abundance.

This garden is primarily a way to have vegetables all year round. And who says vegetables, say cooking !

Fruits and vegetables to feast on, and experiment. Preserves, jams, tomato coulis and apple juice…

Many recipes to transform our production and feed our family.

A garden self-sufficient will be in good health. To make a preserve environment by mixing and multiplying all types of plants. Our garden has a name, the wormling garden. He always learn and a lot to share !

In our garden, granit figures merge with the flowers. The old apple tree remembers ! long time ago came and went an original character. Sculptor on wood but also on stone, the granites of our garden have many things to tell you. This garden has a soul !

jardin de fleurs de la chambre d'hotes finistere sud
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